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Barn conversions

Having completed sixteen barns we regard converting agricultural and industrial buildings in to stylish dwellings or offices as one of our specialties.

We utilise the existing structure of the building to ensure architecturally pleasing elements derived from its previous use become interesting features to be enjoyed.

Often the size of these buildings allows majestic, light and spacious living areas to be created which are unique to this type of building. Ancient agricultural buildings often have wonderful oak frames which our specialist carpenters repair and restore to form a beautiful historical aspect inside the building.

Barns are often listed and work carried out may need to be completed using traditional methods and materials. We have a wealth of experience undertaking this nature of work under the supervision of a conservation officer.

Despite the open spaces and high ceilings modern building and glazing technology means these buildings are now as efficient to run as much smaller properties. By using cutting edge materials, insulation, glazing, and building techniques we create barns which are cheap to keep warm in the winter and are cool in the summer.

It is possible to employ all the latest heating and electrical technologies in these properties to further reduce your energy bills. In the past we have gained experience installing ground-source, air-source, solar, wind and combination systems into our barns all working alongside under-floor heating when desired. In addition our electricians and engineers are able to install the most up-to-date communication, network, home entertainment and acoustic technologies into our conversions.